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#22660 - 10/27/05 07:05 AM Kids say the darndest things
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Yesterday...I was going into the explanation of the 6/8 time signture. The student I was explaining this to is VERY bright. Everything was going smoothly in regard to 8th notes getting one beat & quarter notes getting 2 beats. But when we got to dotted quarter notes. The puzzle began.

She understood that dotted quarters normally get 1 and a 1/2 beats. But she couldn't seem to grasp that in 6/8 time that a dotted quarter would get three beats.

So I did this big math explanation of everything is doubled ...blah blah blah....

I even drew pictures trying to get her to see that 1 1/2 plus 1 1/2 is three ....

Finally she said O.K. just to please me. But I could tell she did NOT get it. I asked her what was puzzling her.

She told me that "maybe at your house 1 1/2 plus 1 1/2 is 3 but at my school 1 1/2 plus 1 1/2 is 2."

without giggling (which was quite difficult)...we kept working...and finally she understood

i hope \:D ;\)

#22661 - 10/27/05 12:30 PM Re: Kids say the darndest things
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Very cute!

There is a classmate of my daughter's that always seems to push her buttons--making faces at her, saying mean things, etc. So today the teacher told me that my daughter said to the other girl, "You may be pretty, but your attitude is ugly." We are trying to teach her to be kind no matter how mean the other person is, and I'm pretty sure she thought she was being kind. Secretly, I think it's hilarious and extremely clever for a 7 yr. old. ;\)


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