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Into the Cave

Lesson Book page 8

let's get started

  1. If you were going into a cave, would you be going higher or lower?
  2. Let's touch the 3-black-keys. Start in the middle and go lower.
  3. As the boys explore the cave, let's explore the music on the page. You point to the finger numbers as I play.
  4. Fingers 2-3-4 will walk down, then stop and listen when the fingers play together. (Demonstrate)
  5. Are you ready to explore the cave? Make sure your hand floats down to the next group of 3-black-keys.
Using the middle fingers helps to center the hand.

explore and create

Create a simple duet for two students.

partner pages

Technique & Artistry

pp. 4-5 Five Secrets for Piano Technique

pedagogy pointers

Once again, the left hand is the first to investigate more of the keyboard, this time the 3-black-key groups. Using the middle fingers keeps the hand in a natural position and directs the weight to the center of the hand. Playing from the middle to the bottom of the keyboard reinforces moving "down" the keyboard.

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see it in action

Teaching Video 8

Exploring a cave can be scary, but not if you do it with friends. The middle fingers of the left hand go down, down, down—but stop at each level to check around them. Olivia sees that the notes on the page also march down into the ground. Deep, down, and low certainly sounds spooky, especially when the explorers tiptoe to the bottom.

Those bats that hang from the ceiling of the cave have a chance to flutter their wings as part of an easy duet that can be done with a friend. Vivian's "lit-tle bat" creates more mystery while Olivia bravely finishes with two hands way down low. Who's got the flashlight?

Ask Yourself

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