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Three Little Kittens

Lesson Book page 9

let's get started

  1. Let's touch all the 3-black-keys. Start in the middle and go higher.
  2. Stay on the highest 3-black-key group. At the end of the piece, these three kittens are going to meow together. Let's try it out.
  3. Here's our finger trick! Try 2-3-4 together on the fallboard.
  4. Let's play that pattern finding each group of 3-black-keys going up the keyboard. (Begin in the middle)
  5. Make sure your hand floats up to the next group of 3-black-keys.
  6. Spring off for the last meow!
A moderate tempo gives time to move gracefully to the next octave.

explore and create

Ending a piece played with a partner is just as important as beginning together.

partner pages


p. 4 Low and High

Technique & Artistry

pp. 4-5 Five Secrets for Piano Technique


p. 2 In the Jungle

pedagogy pointers

A piece on 3-black-keys for the right hand completes the exploration of the black-key groupings over the entire range of the keyboard. It also reinforces moving "up" the keyboard.

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see it in action

Teaching Video 9

Three little kittens may have lost their mittens but they know how to find the 3-black-key groups that go to the top of the keyboard. How quickly Olivia catches on to the pattern, even before the demonstration is over. No wonder there's a secret smile.

Each time the kittens spring to the next group is a chance to use a floating wrist. And the last "meow" is the really big "spring". How nice to have a friend who can join you by providing a "Kit-ty Cat" accompaniment, like kittens walking on little, soft paws. After a trial run, let's make it a recital, complete with a well-deserved bow. Who needs teachers?

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