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The Walking Song

Lesson Book page 12

let's get started

  1. Let's take a short walk in the studio. Step, step, step, step … you keep a steady beat, don't you?
  2. Imitate me. Let's walk fingers 2-3-4 up and down on the 3-black-keys. Are you steady?
  3. Point to the notes while I play The Walking Song. Watch the notes move up and down. Which note repeats?
  4. (On the fallboard) Play and say the finger numbers.
  5. (On the keys) Play and say the finger numbers. Is your walk steady?
The fingers step from note to note—and sometimes they repeat!

explore and create

At this stage playing legato is not yet the ideal.

pedagogy pointers

Now it's time for the fingers to move individually. Staying on the 3-black-keys and using fingers 2-3-4 keeps the hand in balance as each hand steps up and down. The left hand first walks down, then up because that's the most natural gesture.

At this stage playing legato is not yet the ideal. The movement of the notes on the page is more subtle, and the repeated note is introduced.

accompaniments on disk

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see it in action

Teaching Video 12

Patrick knows that walking must be steady, otherwise the motion would be jerky. But there are so many ways to walk! A king would strut, a clown might prance, you could sway from side to side, or even sneak into the room! Patrick tries them all and reacts accordingly as he becomes part of a larger musical context. Who knew repetition could be so exciting!

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