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Merrily We Roll Along

Lesson Book page 22

let's get started

  1. Circle each time this rhythm pattern is used in this piece:
    quarter quarter half-note
  2. Find C-D-E groups with fingers 2-3-4. Let's play a game! You put your hands in your lap. I'll count with closed eyes. How fast can you find the position and shout, "Ready!"
  3. Play and keep hands rounded like the sun in the picture. Pretend a little boat is under each hand!
  4. Play with the duet. (Play an "intro" of the last two measures to set the tempo. Together, gently lift hands into lap at the end.)
Emphasize rhythm patterns—not reading note to note.

explore and create

At this stage pieces can be played in any range.

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Technique & Artistry

pp. 10-11 Merrily I Move Up/Down


pp. 6-7 Hot Cross Buns

On the closed keyboard lid

Transposing provides repetition and introduces new sounds—such as playing in a minor key.

pedagogy pointers

Awareness of rhythm patterns promotes good reading habits and musicianship. In this piece the use of quarter, half, and whole notes is reinforced, as is movement by steps and repetition. The middle fingers of each hand continue to keep the weight centered.

Awareness of melodic patterns—step up, step down, repeat—also promotes good reading habits and musicianship. This is the basis of fluent playing.

accompaniments on disk

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see it in action

Teaching Video 21

One of the simplest rhythm patterns is featured in this piece, and David discovers how often it's used. Repeating his performance against different accompaniment styles ensures that his feel for this pattern is secure.

Since the melody uses only the three middle fingers in each hand, David quickly understands that he can play the piece anywhere on the keyboard!

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