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Hey, Mr. Half Note Dot!

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  1. This is a half note, but it has a dot next to it. If we say half-note-dot, how many beats is that?
  2. Let's draw some dotted half notes. Here's the chant: It's got a head and a stem and a dot at the end. (Download duet)
  3. Brace finger 3s and find two high Gs. Play steady dotted half notes and I'll join with Chopsticks. (See video and download duet)
  4. Point to all the dotted half notes. (Point to the half note.) How many counts for this note?
  5. Set your left-hand thumb on C below Middle C and your right-hand thumb on Middle C. I'll point to the notes while you play. Ready for the piece!
Much music in 3/4 meter dances!

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p. 16 The Dotted Half Note

pedagogy pointers

Most music in 3/4 meter has a dance-like quality unless the tempo is very slow. Introducing the dotted half note, then, is easy if it is heard and played in a lilting musical context—one to the bar.

Once again, feeling the dotted half note is the key factor. To make sure the note values learned so far are distinguished from one another, the piece includes a half note at a natural place in the final cadence.

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Teaching Video 27

David enjoys playing those Gs as a part of the Chopsticks team. As David's left hand plays in lower octaves, it's easy to play up the contrast between a forte bass dancer and a softer, more graceful right-hand partner.

And what boy doesn't like to stretch things to the limit? Extreme fun!

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