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  1. How many counts does the dotted half note get? The Alouette bird sits for three counts before she takes off.
  2. Listen to the pattern of her name. (Play and sing.) But before we can catch her, she flies up an octave. I'll play and sing her name, moving up to higher Cs each time. (See video)
  3. Let's see you play her name. I'll try to catch your Alouette bird as you fly your hand to higher Cs.
  4. The other part of Alouette's song has quick steps and skips. (Practice the RH in Mm. 3-4 and Mm. 7-8.)
  5. What's the only note the left hand plays? Let's fit it into the music.
Anticipate a tricky part. Rehearse it ahead of time so it's ready to go!

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pedagogy pointers

Here the new dotted half note is used in a 4/4 meter. It's helpful to tap, clap, or drum the rhythm and count 1-2-3-1 1-2 1-2 before playing it with the notes. Pretending that the bird flies to higher octaves is an easy way to repeat the rhythm pattern that includes the dotted half note.

Measures 3-4 and measures 7-8 change direction quickly and require some finger independence and coordination. Prepare these in advance so that, when played in the piece, the first performance is correct. You can help the student avoid stumbles and struggles. This also shows the student how to practice!

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Teaching Video 28

Alouette hops gently in a little twisting pattern. Since the melody in measures 3 and 4 is a bit tricky, Olivia takes extra time to prepare it. It's tempting to peek, so covering her hands shows her she can play without looking down. The duet proves that she trusts her fingers to play on their own.

This little bird can fly with its eyes closed—rhythm drill and ear-training combined! Hannah picks up the tempo and demonstrates her skill in using different dynamics. And—surprise—Alouette flutters her wings and flies off on her own!

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