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My Invention

Lesson Book page 37

let's get started

  1. Let's discover which notes are in the "invention box" (see the picture). The LH gets to play the new Bass F.
  2. Test all your fingers on Bass F. Which feels the most comfortable? Which finger does this piece use?
  3. How does this invention "work"? Which measures are the same? Which are different?
  4. Where does the RH play two notes together—like Honking Cars?
Look ahead. Check for patterns!

explore and create

Choose fingers that can do the job best.

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p. 13 Listen to the Drums

pedagogy pointers

This piece combines and reinforces Middle C, Treble G, and Bass F. Bass F, however, is the only note played by the left hand. The left hand can push off on the third finger, making it easy for the student to play from the shoulder. The right hand plays both melodic and harmonic fifths, much like in Honking Cars.

Comparing measures to see what's the same and what's different is the best way to help a student read a new piece. Looking ahead and checking for patterns also teaches the student how music is put together. Choose fingers that can do the job best.

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see it in action

Teaching Video 36

This "invention" stretches Philip's imagination and opens his ears to new sounds. Bass F, the new note, gets a workout. Any finger can play it, but Philip sees why this piece uses the third finger. Bracing that finger can help to make bombastic sounds.

Creative repetition frees Philip to explore the range of the keyboard and to experiment with different tempos. The "weird" gears come to life in the mechanical-sounding duet. Philip's facial and physical reactions show that he's anything but a "robot" as he digs into that last solemn performance!

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