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March on D-E-F

Lesson Book page 38

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  1. On the piano, three white keys come between Middle C and Treble G. Can you name them? (Refer to the example in the book.) This is how we write them on the staff. Which are space notes?
  2. Let's play these notes a few times. Use fingers 2-3-4. I'll play a duet. (See video and download duet)
  3. Circle all the notes that repeat.
  4. Look at measures 1 and 2. Are there any other measures that look like that? Is there any difference between them at all? (forte and piano)
  5. Start the dwarfs marching.
Melodies can begin or end on any finger.

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Music à la mode—the Dorian Mode!

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p. 24 Learning D E F

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This piece fills in the notes between Middle C and Treble G and gives each of them special attention by repeating them in a well-known rhythm pattern. This is also a good chance to reinforce the concept of line and space notes.

Although the right-hand fingers cover the keys from C to G, the emphasis on the middle fingers creates a melody in the Dorian Mode. The student not only has a new musical experience, but discovers that melodies do not always begin or end on the thumb note.

The early reading pieces on the staff are the perfect opportunity to continue exploring improvisation. The student is able to take a break from the demands of visual focus and change to the stimulation of aural focus. And you'll both have fun in the process!

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Teaching Video 37

Playing and reading the new notes gets Hannah's fingers ready, but also "tunes" her in to the sound of the Dorian Mode. Those elfin horns inspire her to follow them to a gentle ending.

Circling all the repeated notes makes her aware of what will happen in the piece. Reading it through then becomes easy. The duet sets the mood for the marching elves.

A few Dorian "seeds" (motifs) are "planted" and Hannah is ready to improvise. Although she's cautious at first, the eighth notes and rhythms she hears in the teacher's part loosen her own fingers. These Dorian dwarfs are perky fellows!

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