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Come See the Parade!

Lesson Book page 46

let's get started

  1. Step down several times with your LH from Middle C to Bass G. Say the key names aloud. Does it sound like a march as you play?
  2. Point to the notes at the top of page and say, "Line-space-line-space". Notice that G is the top space.
  3. Let's try measures 5 and 6. Find another place where you play the same thing.
  4. The piano imitates horns for the introduction. Which two notes are used? Where do the horns return to end the piece?
The piano can imitate horns!

explore and create

Make a merry medley of pieces!

partner pages


p. 34 Learning G, p. 35 The Holiday Turkey

Technique & Artistry

p. 21 Catch Me If You Can


p. 20 Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

pedagogy pointers

Here's a peppy way to introduce the G in the top space of the bass staff. The piece combines elements the student has played up to this point, and it is also the first 16-measure piece the student reads on the Grand Staff.

Playing by memory should be part of every lesson—whether a five-finger scale, two-measure pattern in a piece, or an entire tune. From the earliest lessons, create easy opportunities for the student to be successful with memory. Both Come See the Parade and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star offer elements of musical form for the student to hear—an introduction and ending, or "a double-cheese sandwich". Make memorizing memorable!

accompaniments on disk

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see it in action

Teaching Video 45

Pointing to the notes at the top of the page, then finding them in the piece gets Vivian ready to play.

Then—what a merry medley! Vivian smartly marches through a collection of pieces. Come See the Parade opens and closes the medley. Mister Bluebird, Honking Cars, and A Ten-Second Song make up the middle. The snappy vamp keeps the tempo and meter steady and provides time to turn the pages and set up the next piece. Playing such a medley gives everyone a great sense of satisfaction and is a creative way to provide reinforcement.

Watch Vivian respond to the vamp as she gets ready for what's to come. Give this performance an E for enthusiasm!

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