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let's get started

  1. Play skips from Middle C to the top. Use a braced third finger. I'll hold the pedal down. Magical sounds!
  2. Super-duper challenge! Can you say the names of the keys as you skip from Middle C to the top? Go slowly.
  3. When you skip notes, you also skip fingers. Let's test out some 1-3-5 skips (on the fallboard or table top).
  4. Copy Cat. (Use 1-3-5 on C-E-G.) Repeat what I play. Can you make up skipping patterns for me to copy?
  5. Hey, hey, let's play the piece!
Reading thirds and playing thirds are separate skills.

explore and create

Finger patterns and note patterns are musical building blocks

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p. 36 Skips on the Staff


p. 22 Dancing with Frankenstein

pedagogy pointers

The student is introduced to skips on the staff and in the hand. At this point, skipping focuses only on recognizing and playing line-to-line thirds, and using only fingers 1-3-5. Begin by testing out alternating fingers on the fallboard or a flat surface. Call them "skipping fingers". That way, the student can concentrate on the coordination required without depressing keys or reading specific notes.

Referring to finger and note patterns continues the process of guiding the student to read and think in musical units.

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Teaching Video 46

Skipping is fun! And skipping in thirds up the keyboard makes a magical sound, especially if the pedal stays down while the thirds go higher and higher. Playing thirds requires finger coordination, so Vivian gets fingers 1-3-5 ready to go by testing out combinations on the fallboard and the keyboard. Then playing the piece is easy.

Music using thirds always sounds good, so why not make up your own piece that skips any way you'd like? The upbeat accompaniment sets a lively mood, and Vivian's fingers take off.

What if you began the piece starting on a new key? Ingrid goes on a real adventure, from C to C. Those skipping fingers get a real workout! Hey, Hey—she can play!

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