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  1. I'll play the piece and sing the words for you. (Playfully stress that you're pleading to Gra-a-a-ndmother.)
  2. I'll be the metronome and clap a quarter note beat. Can you clap the rhythm of the piece while I'm the metronome?
  3. Try out the Grandmother pattern (G-E-C) in both LH and RH.
  4. Examine measures 3 and 4. Where do you step? Where do you skip?
  5. Prepare the hands-together "cherry pie" in measures 7 and 8.
Ask a question. Create an answer!

explore and create

Composers use questions and answers all the time!

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p. 27 Horseback Riding

pedagogy pointers

Here the left hand leads with a melody that uses all the notes in the C five-finger scale. It also provides an accompaniment for the answering right-hand melody, and it's in position to sing a duet with the right hand in the last measure. The coordination between the hands is the most required so far, but the fact that it lies so well within the hand makes it relatively easy.

The words as well as the musical motives invite experimentation with question and answer phrasing. This can be between teacher and student, between student and student, and by a single student "answering" an original question with the opposite hand.

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see it in action

Teaching Video 53

A performance with accidental changing meters is "evened out" by an expressive explanation rather than a correction. Tatiana responds quickly and moves into the repeat with a natural sense for completing the second verse.

Transposing the piece to G is simple, and once again Tatiana wants to get to that chocolate cake!

Since the words for each of the first phrases are questions, this is a perfect place to create original questions and answers. It's clear that her musical instincts are guiding Tatiana's answers back to the home tone. This is ear-training in action!

Ask Yourself

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