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Lemonade Stand

Lesson Book pages 56-57

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  1. If you wanted to make a piece of rope longer, what could you do? (Tie another piece of rope to it.) We can do the same thing in music—connect notes together with a curved line called a tie.
  2. Listen and look while I play Lemonade Stand. See if you can spot the ties. At the tie, did I play or hold the dotted half note twice?
  3. Let's tap the piece on the keyboard cover, counting 1-2-3. At the tie we'll count 1-2-3, tie-2-3. Use both hands.
  4. Let's tap the piece again, using the hands as in the piece. Count, or sing the words. (1-2-3 tie-2-3).
Words often convey a rhythm or meter better than counting.

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p. 44 The Tie

pedagogy pointers

This piece introduces the tie. The tie goes over the measure bar, connecting notes at the ends of phrases. Since the piece is in 3/4 meter, the ties connect dotted half notes. The tie at the half cadence is preceded by two measures of quarter notes, setting up the impetus for feeling three beats to the bar.

Switching from one hand to the other happens quite quickly. Because these switches involve many skips, the eye must scan the directional note movement rapidly. The final performance of the piece should move with a lilting swing.

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Teaching Video 54

Holding long notes for their full value after a succession of quicker notes may be a challenge. David's natural energy results in good tone and continuity even when he transposes, although a few of the longer notes are rushed.

A rhythm "accident" can also easily be repaired. Words often capture a rhythm or meter with more natural ease than counting. The tap-clap-clap routine helps Alexis feel and respond in 3/4 meter. It's clear, however, that when Alexis finishes the piece as part of a duet, she has internalized the rhythms and meter and understands "tie". It's the "best lemonade in town".

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