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Our Team

Lesson Book page 60

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  1. Sometimes in music we have moments of silence—rests.
  2. I'll play some music. Each time you hear a rest, raise your hand. (See video and download duet)
  3. This fancy little squiggle (point to it) is the sign for a quarter rest. Whenever you see one, take a rest!
  4. Let's do the Go Team chant (see the page). Tap for each word, and make a loose fist for each rest.
  5. Ready over the C five-finger scale. Let's cheer for Our Team!
"Resting" must be an active—not a passive—experience.

explore and create

The pulse continues through each rest.

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p. 45 The Quarter Rest

Technique & Artistry

p. 30 Our Team Scores Again!

pedagogy pointers

Hearing what it means to rest is the most important element in teaching the quarter rest. Watching for, and responding to, rests in the peppy chant is the next step. Substituting a gesture for each rest makes observing rests an active, rather than a passive, experience.

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see it in action

Teaching Video 57

Vivian has fun responding to the challenge of the chant. She begins to expect the rests to follow a pattern, but catches the change. That's careful listening!

When she plays the chant on the piano, it's clear from her body language that Vivian is feeling the rests. Absolutely thumbs up!

Playing Our Team is easy and especially full of energy and zip when a performance low on the keyboard is for the big guy on the team. Win! Win!

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