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The Bugle Boys

Lesson Book pages 62-63

let's get started

  1. At the end this band marches away. The farther it goes, the softer it gets.
  2. Each time it repeats, the left hand moves one octave lower. Let's try those moves down the keyboard.
  3. When the band is close (the first time), it's forte. When it moves, it's mezzo forte—then (down low) piano.
  4. Let's make sure we hear the right-hand and left-hand rests. Hup (rest) Hup (rest) Hup 2-3-4.
  5. Ready to march!
It's the end!

explore and create

Hats off to these Bugle Boys!

partner pages


pp. 47-48 Review (Units 1-10)

Technique & Artistry

p. 32 Leading the Parade


p. 32 Let's Boogie!

pedagogy pointers

It's a good idea to set up the introduction and ending first. They are similar, but different. The moves and dynamic changes at the end are made easier by advance preparation.

This is the "graduation" piece. It represents what has been achieved at the end of the Primer Book. And what a spirited finale it is!

accompaniments on disk

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see it in action

Teaching Video 59

Philip follows the teacher's model, then marches on his own. It's important to remember that as the left hand descends, the dynamics need to reflect the departing buglers.

The piccolos announce the start of the parade, and they're off! This energetic band moves at a perky tempo and plays with solid tone. Philip's eyes really track ahead to ensure those left-hand moves. The drums fade away gradually as the parade disappears down the street. Then—the all-star "entertaining" parade. What a send-off. Salute!

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