TEACHING Piano Adventures®

The Piano Adventures® Teacher


To the student, Piano Adventures® implies an exciting exploration. To the teacher, Piano Adventures® implies a mission and mindset which puts the student's personal development in the fore. The Piano Adventures® Teacher refers to a philosophy of teaching, not just to the choice of method materials.


The Piano Adventures® philosophy puts the student first—before the music, pedagogy, or performance goals. We believe that our students can be our teachers. We have a profound respect for the process of teaching.
The Piano Adventures Teacher believes passionately that music enriches life.

Multiple Outcomes

Most of us grow to recognize the potential for deep influence on our students' personal development. Piano study can be a vehicle for fostering a host of valuable life skills that lie outside the realm of musical skill. Whlie the focus of a lesson is to develop musical proficiency, we also have the opportunity to nurture other positive characteristics. Kids The Piano Adventures® Teacher believes that developing pianistic skill is a powerful way to affect a young person's attitude and character for future endeavors.

Teaching Process

It is necessary to recognize that fun is an important motivator for children. In fact, the need for pleasure and fun carries into all ages. Consequently, early piano study should be conducted with a spirit of play. This does not imply inefficiency or ineffectiveness. To the contary. A spirit of play in the lesson engages the attention and energy of the student, promoting deeper learning. The degree of student participation predicts the degree of musical absorption and application.

The Piano Adventures® Teacher invites student talk. The relationship and the dialogue between student and teacher can provide

The Piano Adventues Teacher intervenees appropriately when a skill falters or motivation flagsWe engage the student with a sense of adventure and discovery. There is purpose and direction in the lesson and lots of hard work. But discipline can be rewarding when one's attention and senses are actively engaged. This blurring between "work" and "fun" is precisely intended as it leads to deep learning, effective practice habits, and a healthy work ethic.

Teaching Materials

A discussion of The Piano Adventures® Teacher would be incomplete without mention of teaching materials because the choice of music and method can dramatically influence the success of piano lessons.

Piano Adventures offers a musical highway on which to travel.The teacher, the student, the parent, and the choice of music form the essential building blocks. For the teacher, the method offers a musical highway on which to travel. For the student, each musical mile traveled well increases pianistic skill. Consequently, the importance of the music and method of learning cannot be overstated. They are vital in retaining student interest and creating a sense of achievement.

A good teacher chooses teaching materials wisely and knows how to teach the materials thoroughly—analytically, creatively, expressively. This enables the teacher to exploit the strengths of each student's learning style while simultaneously stimulating less-developed learning areas.

The Piano Adventures® Teacher