TEACHING Piano Adventures®

Notions About Motions


Some technical principles are basic. Establish good habits—right from the start.

Arm Weight and Firm Fingertip (Braced Finger 3) are two of the five Technique Secrets addressed in the correlating Primer Level Technique & Artistry Book. These techniques come alive with the varied fingerings found in the Primer Lesson Book. This page conveys the integration of Arm Weight, Braced Finger 3 and Varied Fingering, as per the Piano Adventures® Primer level. (For more details, download the Faber article Synergy at the Primer Level.)

Technique Secret: Arm Weight

  • Basis for good tone production at the piano
  • Takes the burden off the fingers
  • Uses gravity to overcome the weight of the key

Exercise: Heavy Wet Ropes

  • Let the arms hang from the shoulders
  • Arms remain heavy while the arms are lifted
  • Arms drop into the lap

  • Lay a foundation to help the student develop a natural, problem-free technique. Get it right from the start!

Technique Secret: Braced Finger 3

Exercise: Making O's


Varied Fingerings

As new notes are introduced, fingerings vary to promote note reading and proper technique.

For note reading

For technique


Teacher and student doing motions

Bracing fingers 2 or 3 for the first week on these pieces builds good hand shape and invites use of arm weight.